CampusHippo Publisher's Guide

How do I Create and Publish a Lesson?

  1. Start by crafting a new lesson. Your lesson will be set to draft status initially. It is not published until you change the status to live.
  2. Next, add some public information that will be seen before people unlock your lesson. It will dramatically improve your lesson’s performance if you upload a custom cover image and choose a relevant category.
  3. Set a price for users to unlock hidden sections of your lesson. You can set a price ranging from Free to $100. You keep 80% of the earnings.
  4. Add your content boxes. A content box is simply a container for different types of content that can be added to your lesson. You can 'lock' or 'unlock' each individual content box. Boxes that are locked will only be visible to users that have paid for your lesson.
    • Written Text
    • Images
    • Embedded Video
    • Uploaded Files
  5. Finally, when everything looks good, click the publish button and your lesson status will be updated to live. At this point, it is publicly available and ready to generate revenue.

What type of content is prohibited?

  • Works copyrighted or trademarked by other parties
  • Anything that promotes illegal activity
  • Anything intended to harm others
  • Anything that is misrepresented, misleading, or fraudulent
  • Pornography or adult related material. Keep it PG–13.

CampusHippo retains the final decision on all content and may remove your lesson without notice for any reason, including reasons not listed here.

How do I Remove a Lesson?

From the lesson’s edit page, click the publish button, then on the red delist lesson button. This will put your lesson back in draft status and out of the public feed.

*** Keep in mind, delisting a lesson that has been sold will prevent your past customers from accessing it. This might lead to some unhappy customers, so proceed with caution.

How Much do I get Paid?

Publishers receive 80% of cleared revenue 14 calendar days after the day of sale.

Cleared Revene = Revenue - (Refunds + Disputes)

Your Earnings = Cleared Revenue x 80%

If you sell a lesson August 1st for $10, and your customer is not refunded (or disputing the purchase), then you will see $8.00 added to your available balance on August 15th.

How do I get Paid?

Cleared Earnings are added to your available balance. The funds can (1) be spent on other CampusHippo lessons or (2) requested as a cash payout to your PayPal account. From the your Dashboard click Money >> Payouts >> New Payout. Processing takes 1 to 3 days.

How do I know when my Lesson is Sold?

You will receive a notification (and email) when a lesson is sold. Your full sales history and lesson analytics are available from the dashboard.

Can I Publish my Lesson on Other Websites?

Yes, we allow and encourage you to post your content in other places. Just make sure you adjust your content to fit within our publisher guidelines. You can even post a backlink to your main website.

How can I offer Better Customer Service?

There are few keys to keeping your customers happy on CampusHippo.

  1. Don’t mislead in the preview. Be very clear about what you’re offering.
  2. Follow-up after your lesson is sold. Start a conversation with the buyer and make sure they’re satisfied.
  3. Provide clear instructions on how to use your lesson. For example, if you attached an excel spreadsheet, explain how to use the spreadsheet in the main body of the lesson.