CampusHippo Beta Launch


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CampusHippo Beta Launch

We’re excited to announce that is now available as a public beta. Publishers from around the world have been invited to use the platform to creating useful nano-sized lessons. Our goal is to build a vibrant community of teachers and learners that can collaborate on virtually any subject.

More than a Few Cool Features

The mission of CampusHippo is to facilitate the transfer of knowledge as efficiently as possible. We are achieving this by giving publishers a platform to create easy-to-digest lessons on highly targeted subjects. Here are a few of the features that make this possible…

1. Interactive Lesson Builder

Our interactive lesson builder helps publishers create and monetize content at lightning speed. Within a few minutes, you can create, publish, and sell your content to a diverse knowledge-seeking community.

2. Worry-Free Payment Processing

Publishers are able to avoid the hassles that come with credit card payment processing. We’re integrated with Stripe to provide our users with a seamless way to generate revenue from digital content.

3. File Attachments and Document Processing

Publishers can attach any type of file to a lesson. Whether it’s an excel spreadsheet, video, PDF, or raw code, you can easily include it with your lesson.

4. And much more

There’s too many features to list in this post, so sign up to get the full experience!

We want your feedback

Have ideas on how we can make CampusHippo better? We would love to hear your suggestions. Development of new app features is a direct result of your feedback. Have fun!

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