Learn How to Write an Eye-Popping SEO Title for your Article

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It’s Mostly About Clickability

How to Write an Eye-Popping SEO Title for your Article

It’s Mostly About Clickability

What’s in a title? Well, everything actually! A good title is the single most important factor attracting search engine clicks. This applies equally to both paid-results and organic results.

There’s a handful of important analytic rules to follow when writing an SEO title, but 90% of the work comes down to a blend of creativity and technique. In this lesson, I will provide you with a set of guidelines for writing engaging titles that will get increase your click-through rates across the board.

Most importantly, I will provide you with a list of inspirational title ideas that you can use to generate your own creative titles.

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Google's Recommendations for Title SEO

In this video Google SEO evangelist Matt Cutts talks about some search engine optimization tips for titles.

The First 10% - Analytic Rules for Writing SEO Titles

First, let’s breakdown the analytic rules that you should follow for every title you write.

Rule 1 - Keep it Concise

Title text should range between 20 and 70 characters - don't repeat words unless absolutely necessary. Simple as that.

Rule 2 - Avoid keyword stuffing

Focus on being descriptive and avoid stuffing as many keywords in your title as possible. Google can detect keyword stuffing and your rankings will suffer as a result. Include your most important keyword in the title once - anything more is suicide!

Bad: Paper Airplanes - Information about Paper Airplanes and the History of Paper Airplanes

Good: The Fascinating History of Paper Airplanes

The second example is more readable for a human being. Always write your titles for human beings, never robots.

Rule 3 - Avoid Boilerplate Titles

If you run a dynamic website, avoid using your brand tagline in every single title. This makes it impossible for readers to tell your titles apart - especially annoying in chrome where only a few characters are shown between tabs. Instead use only a concise brand name at the end of your title.

Bad: MyBrandName, a Place to Learn Cool Stuff | Main Title Here…

Good: Main Title Here… | MyBrandName

Pretty simple! Now lets get to the fun part creativity and technique work together to craft awesome titles.

The Other 90% - Writing Creative Titles that Attract Clicks

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