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Psycho-Marketing: Priming

It’s no secret that the best marketers and advertisers exploit fundamental human psychology to achieve their goals. Big Tobacco did it, Coca-Cola does it, professional online marketers like me do it, and now you can too!

What is Priming?

What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear Cupcake!? The answer to this question is whatever a good marketer is trying to get you to buy.

Priming is the manipulation of human memory by exposing it to a stimulus that influences a response to a second stimulus. After making you think of cupcakes out of nowhere, my next step would be to sell you some kind of sweet cupcake-like treat. This effect is used by major brands, politicians, and even the Nazis. Priming is a powerful concept power that can be used for both positive and negative change.

Inside Priming for Email Marketing

In this lesson, I will provide a detailed explanation of priming as a psychological behavior and how it be used increase the effectiveness of your email marketing campaign. I provide examples of exact techniques that can be used for different industries and brands. By the end of the lesson, you will have a strong understanding of Priming and be able to deploy it in your next email marketing campaign.

Digging Deeper into Priming with Science

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So How to We Apply this to Email Marketing? (with examples)

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Wow, this is a really interesting concept and easy to implement. Psymarketer does a great job blending the science of psychology with the business of email marketing.

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