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ACC 291 Week 1 - Lesson Overview

Looking for a better way to learn accounting? ACCNerd's auto calculators are the quickest way to solve difficult accounting problems. Simply punch in the numbers and let the spreadsheet to the rest. 

What's Included in this Lesson?

  1. Excel Spreadsheet that can AutoCalculate ACC291 Week 1
  2. Sample numbers (so you can see exactly how to solve for any dataset). 
  3. Additional Instructions for using Spreadsheet
  4. Instructions for additional help if needed. 

E8-4 Wainwright Company

The ledger of Wainwright Company at the end of the current year shows...

E8-11 Fedex

Suppose the following information was taken from the 2014 financial statements of FedEx

BYP8-1 and BYP8-2

Tootsie Roll and Hershey

ACC 291 Week 1 - Solution Calculator in EXCEL

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ACC 291 Spreadsheet Instructions

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How to Use the Spreadsheet

  1. Download the spreadsheet in the attachments section below. 
  2. Enter your numbers into the BLUE boxes. 
  3. Watch the solutions update automatically in the GREEN boxes

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