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It's So Easy with Shopify...

Shopify is my favorite platform where you can set up your own e-commerce store and sell your merchandise.  There are shops on Shopify for nearly everything and it's super easy for the average person to take advantage of trendy products.  So what is trending at the moment and why?  How can you leverage Shopify to sell your products? Let's find out...

If you want to leverage your space on Shopify then you really need to take advantage of all that they offer.  Shopify is a full service e-commerce site that gives you all of the tools that you need to be successful.

For example:

  • Mobile commerce – which allows for your store to be seen properly on all sorts of devices
  • Expert  assistance – you have the opportunity to work with a Shopify expert so that you will be able to customize your particular store from start to finish
  • Platform for blogging – This allows you to categorize and publish articles, as well as to encourage discussion, create look – books and moderate any comments that are left
  • 3rd Party Apps to Boost Marketing

This is just a small sample of the marketing tools that Shopify makes available to you.  One of the most powerful aspects of Shopify is how well it works with Pinterest. In my experience, I have sold more products via leads on Pinterest than any other single source. 

So what's trending in 2015?

Trending Products for 2015 - Electronics

Flips Audio Headphone/Speaker Hybrid

If you or someone you know is an audiophile then this is what you need.  For only a few hundred dollars you can get a set of these headphones that have a sound quality that will embarrass stereo systems that cost thousands of dollars for the last generation.  This is a cool little product that can serve double duty as headphones and as a set of portable speakers, effectively satisfying any music lover.

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10 Highly Profitable Products to Sell on Shopify

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