Learn How to CrowdFund an Idea while Barely Lifting a Finger with Outsourcing

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Zero-Effort Crowdfunding Basics

Formulate Your Idea

First things first, you need an idea. It might be a new iPhone game concept, a crazy art idea, that novel you’ve been wanting to write, or some other idea that will change the world. After you’ve solidified your vision, this lesson will expose you to some of the tools available to build and promote your crowdfunded project. This strategy can be applied to Kickstarter, Indiegogo, GoFundMe, or any other crowdfunding platform.

Outsource Everything

It’s a crazy world we live in! Believe it or not, it is possible to get your idea funded while outsourcing every step of the process. Your job is to be like a general contractor building a skyscraper, except here were building a successful crowdfunding project. My job is to show you the ropes. 

How Much Does this Cost?

That depends on your budget… The more money you can invest into hiring the best quality freelancers, the better your chances of success. At a very minimum, I would recommend that you have a budget of $250 to complete all steps in the lesson.

Reality Check

There’s no guarantee that this work for every project. The goal of this lesson is to teach you about some of the most powerful tools for building your audience with the least amount of work.

It’s important to understand that successful projects don’t usually spring up out of nowhere - they start from an established foundation on the web. Much of this lesson is about using outsourced freelancers and other zero-effort hacks to build this presence. 

1. Bring a Professional Writer to your Team

Cost $50+

Communicating your message across in a clear and concise manner is crucial when selling your idea to investors. Working with a professional writer will help you put your message into a few catchy lines.

Writing Content Needed

There are two key pieces of written content needed for our crowdfunding project.

  1. The Crowdfunding Proposal
  2. A Compelling Article (which we will syndicate and promote)

The Crowdfunding Proposal is the copy that will appear directly on the crowdfunding site (i.e Kickstarter). This pice of content should outline the goals of project and read like a genuine sales pitch that will compel people to contribute to your project.

The Compelling Article needs to be a blog/news style post that will grab the attention of people interested in your topic. It’s not a direct sales pitch, but rather an attention-grabber that will drive the discovery of your project. We will promote the hell out of this article to bring awareness and discussion to your project. Here’s an example:

Crowdfunding Project: A Programmable Educational Robot

Compelling Article: All Teachers Soon to be Replaced by Robots!?

Notice how the compelling article is closely related to the crowdfunding project, but its not an explicit pitch for funding.

Finding the Perfect Writer

In my experience, there are two effective sources of writers - Upwork and WriterAccess. There are others out there as well, but these offer a good balance between cost and quality. Without going into excessive detail, I will cover the main points to consider for each platform. Both platforms can get you pro

Upwork Writing Freelancers

Upwork Writers

  • Huge worldwide pool of writers
  • Complete control over workflow
  • Works very similar to typical employer/employee relationship.
  • Able to choose freelancers based on proposed price.


Writer Access

  • Writers are vetted internally and given star ratings
  • Less direct contact with writers
  • Price is always predetermined by word count
  • Able to request revisions on delivered content.

2. Make a Freaking Awesome Video for your Project

Cost Free+

Videos work really, really well for crowdfunding projects. In fact, I would not even think about launching a crowdfunding project without one. Also, you can syndicate your video across multiple outlets like YouTube, Vimeo, Etc.

Tip: Keep it Simple! All you need is clear 30 to 60 second explanation of your project.

Here are three different approaches to getting a crowdfunding promo video produced for your project.

Explainer Videos on Fiverr

Fiver is a mini-project outsourcing platform that is famous for its affordable explainer videos. I have paid under $100 for several surprisingly high-quality videos that include all graphics and a professional voiceover. Talk about an awesome deal!

Whiteboard Video Software

Animated whiteboard videos are a proven format to get your point across in a way that anybody will understand. VideoScribe is an easy to use platform that offers a free trial - so you can get a quick video made for free. While this is not technically outsourcing, the platform is so easy to use that it may as well be.

Motion Graphics Freelancers on Upwork

Upwork has a massive collection of motion graphics experts that can turn your still images and logo into a compelling video. Many freelancers offer high quality explainer videos with voiceovers for less than $200 bucks. Just a few years ago work of this quality would cost 5K or more.

3. Syndicate your Content on Multiple Mediums

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4. Get People Jazzed on Social Media

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I love this article. It took me days to find this, but this is the one that you need. Other articles seem to be written by marketing companies that try to push your toward spending $10's of thousands of dollars toward marketing. This is the only article to bootstrap it down to $1k. I have a $6k budget, I am a firm believer in bootstrapping.

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It's hard to find someone writing about these small details at the very basic stage of a project, cause the writer most of the time assumes you've already established your project and just want tips on how to kick it on a crowdfunding platform or assume you have a team that consists of savvy designers, developers..etc.
I just signed up to mention how much helpful was your input, and that I'm grateful so much that I want to tell people how what you wrote helped me a lot....if I succeed. =)

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