CampusHippo Buyer's Guide

How do I Access a Lesson?

You can access a lesson by clicking on “Unlock” button found after the preview section of a lesson. If a lesson is free, you just click the button and enjoy. If the lesson has a price tag, you will need to deposit funds to your account before unlocking.

After a lesson has been unlocked, you can always access again from your dashboard, unless the publisher decides to delist it.

How do I Grade a Lesson

Once you have unlocked or purchased a lesson, you can grade it and submit constructive feedback. The grading scale works just like it did in school, A through F. If you want to change it later, simply remove it and submit it again.

How do I review my Account History?

Everything related to your account can be viewed from the dashboard, including purchases, messages, notifications, etc.

Not a Happy Camper! How do I request a Refund?

Sometimes a lesson doesn’t work out, and we completely understand! There are two ways to go about requesting a refund, which must be followed in order:

Step 1 - Reach out the Publisher

Start a conversation with the publisher (click the contact button from their lesson or profile) and express your concerns and desire for a refund. This gives the seller the opportunity to fix any issues you experienced with their lesson and provide a refund if no resolution is met.

Step 2 - File a Dispute with CampusHippo

In rare cases, the buyer and seller cannot reach a satisfactory resolution. If you find yourself in this situation, you can email our resolution team here: contact us.