What is CampusHippo?

CampusHippo is a platform that enables publishers to create nano-lessons designed to teach one simple skill or a highly-focused component of a larger skill set. For instance, a college student might use a lesson to learn how to solve a single Statistics problem, as opposed to taking an entire statistics course. An online marketer might use use a lesson to learn how to use Twitter to build an audience in Austin Texas, as opposed to reading an entire book about Twitter marketing. This approach is beneficial for learners who need to absorb a specialized skill.

How it Works

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1. Smart People Craft Useful Lessons

A smart human being with expertise on a topic decides to create a lesson and disperse it to the world. Using CampusHippo’s lesson builder, they mold their wisdom into a piece of knowledge that is accessible to the public.

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2. Curious Learners Unlock Lessons

Knowledge-seekers from around the world find this lesson. If it’s free, they can unlock it with a single click. If it has a price tag, they can purchase access and 80% will go back to the publisher.

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3. Everybody Goes Home Happy

The smart human being is able to make a few bucks from their expertise, while the curious learner absorbs a new piece knowledge. Everybody goes home happy!